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Loan for Holidays


The holidays are approaching and with them also the problem of where to spend them.

For those who have the problem of being able to make the holidays only in the month of August, the difficulties double because it is the most popular month in which, obviously, the prices increase.

There are also all those who dream of an exotic holiday, perhaps in a tropical paradise where they can stay in luxury resorts. For all these reasons, in recent years we are witnessing a very particular phenomenon that is the request for loans to subsidize their holidays.

The holiday loan is a predominantly Italian phenomenon which, however, is becoming increasingly important, so much so that almost all the companies now offer personal loans to meet the holiday expenses.

The mechanism for applying for personal loans to cover the costs of a holiday is really very simple and you can get it in a few days.

As for any other personal loan or for the assignment of the fifth, you must choose the financial institution with which to enter into the agreement. Obviously it is advisable to contact different agencies so as to have more quotes among which to identify the best conditions to obtain the necessary money. Also the amount that can be obtained is variable, as well as the number of installments with which the loan will be returned to the bank or to the financial institution.

The holidays are approaching and with them also the problem of where to spend them.

The numbers of the loan for holidays are constantly increasing. Taking the data for summer 2017, about 98 million euros are required for the money requested by Italians who wish to go on holiday. On average each request was about € 4100, to be repaid in three years (but this is also an average value).

If these are already staggering numbers, they are even more amazed by the data for the first quarter of 2018. During this period, the average amount required rose by around 15% to an average of almost € 4800 per single request.

But what is the main profile of those who request a personal loan or the assignment of the fifth salary to pay for the holidays? The average age of applicants has passed in less than 12 months to 37 years and 6 months (the year before the average age was 40 years and 1 month). This significant lowering is partly due to the fact that more and more young people in their 30s resort to this form of financing.

From 2016 to 2017 it has gone from a percentage of 15% of under thirty to one of almost 33%. In all these practices, therefore, the motive inserted corresponds to the payment of travel and holidays.

In reality, however, the phenomenon is very transversal and affects every segment of the population. 28% of applicants are in fact included in the age range from 30 up to 39 years while a significant 22% instead is in the range between 40 and 49 years.

As for the job position, it is a huge increase in the group of workers in private companies, which also accounts for the sale of one-fifth of salary, representing 77% of the requests. Finally, in 12% of cases, applying for a personal holiday loan is a self-employed person or a self-employed person. Finally, the personal loan application speaks to the male: 75% of the applicants are in fact a man.

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